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Time is a gift. A gift that is precious and beautiful. A gift that must be opened immediately as it comes by once only. Missing the opportunity of that gift is a travesty. Lacking in or having the absence of hope is one sure way to miss that opportunity.

I chose years ago, to use this gift to help others make the most of it too. In the space between, I love, learn and write. I do this all in the hope that we return to our truth.

My writing is futuristic, honest and brutal at times. I hope to bring focus to that which matters most: Love, choice, and truth.

The story that I am labelling ‘Rule of Twelve’, told over three books, presents a story of hope and love, built on traditional values in a world where even the needed linguistics have been erased. The books are based in the future. Roughly two hundred years ahead. The books present the outcomes of a world driven to the brink by the followers of the Identitarian, New Puritan, and Utopian related ideology.

The books are written from the perspective of the two main characters, Marr and Dukk. Marr is a keeper. Someone who helps produce fine foods and wines for the elites. Her day job is just a cover. She is a trained warrior and part of the resistance. Dukk is a haulier, the new captain of a ‘rig’, a small intergalactic freight spaceship. His job is to haul the fresh produce to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, to the compounds and settlements of the elites. He is street smart and aware of the unfairness of the world, but he is not part of the resistance. They are brought together by forces unseen. Grander plans are afoot to restore balance. Others have put them at the centre of that plan. They learn pieces of that plan as the story unfolds. However, at the core of the story is relationship building. Dukk and Marr build a relationship over the course of the books as they venture into the galaxy to solve a mystery and combat the worst types of evil. Their relationship draws on traditional values, even though that fact isn’t known to them. Their story is overlayed with other core characters, primarily the rig’s crew. I use these other characters to present concepts that are both in contrast and aligned with traditional values.

The books include a splattering of my professional knowledge of relationship building. I build it into the story as the characters get to know each other and fight to keep their emotions and urges in check. In doing so, I am trying to answer in my own mind several questions. These questions include: Can hope be brought back as the dominant mindset? Can belief in courage, self-restraint, fairness, and wisdom be restored as corner stones of one’s approach to life? Can belief in the importance of family be restored in today’s young adults? What will help turn the tide on hedonism as the primary driving factor in the goals and ambitions of today’s youth? What will help society return to recognition of individual strengths rather than immutable characteristics as the primary factor in recruitment and promotion? What will help bring the youth back to belief in the higher power, that something that is greater than themselves, the one that they must, above all else, hold themselves accountable to?

I am publishing what I write, one passage at a time via subscriber posts within my Locals community. You simply need to join the community, take up a subscription and you’ll get book chapters delivered directly to you as they are published. You can get the books at

My writing is influenced by the likes of Gregg Hurwitz, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, Isaac Asimov amongst others. I am also a big fan of Dr. Jordan B Peterson’s approach to engaging effectively in life, William Whitecloud’s approach to opening the mind and Fred Kofman’s approach to cutting through the B.S..

There is still hope and I look forward to sharing my works with you. 

Use the Content, Articles, Playlists to catchup and below is the prologue to enjoy.

BJ Allen

Rule of Twelve, Double Take, Prologue

While he could check everything from the controls around him, old habits die hard. To the annoyance of some of the newer members of his crew, he still insisted on someone visually double checking everything.

  Those habits were formed over 15 years of hauling. He knew it was less about safety now days and more about strengthening the discipline, the team needed when the shit hit the fan, which it often did.

  He sense Marr returning to the cockpit.

  “Reactors 2 and 3 are running hot and fast”, she announced triumphantly as if she personally turned the massive crank needed to spin them up.

  Another one of Dukk’s potential unnecessary precautions was to run all three reactors for the descent, even when one alone had sufficient power to guide them successfully into port.

  He had been through too many situations when evasive action meant the difference between life and death. Which he also knew, wasn’t relevant.

  It was true that he, Marr and the rest of his crew were high on this place’s most wanted list. However, the rig he currently captained had more than it needed. They would easily slip in unnoticed by the EOs and their devoted followers.

  Having a rig with these capabilities or being so highly sort after, hadn’t always been the case.

  As the autopilot announced it was about to break orbit, Dukk reflected back to his first descent at the helm into his home planet. A time when he knew little of the truth about the world he called home. While it felt like a life time ago, it was only just over twelve months since.

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